Helpful Information for New Patients

What should I bring as a new patient to my appointment?

If you wear glasses, please bring any glasses that you currently use. If you wear contact lenses, bring any boxes of lenses that you have. Also, if you use any eye drops, please bring those with you as well. Also, please bring any medications that you take or a list of medications with current dosing. In addition, you may print your new patient forms and complete ahead of time, or register using our online process. This will help expedite your wait time. Please remember photo identification and any vision and medical insurance cards.

What should I expect during my first appointment?

If you are seeing one of our doctors for the first time or if your personal or insurance information has changed, you will need to update your information by filling out some paperwork. We ask that you arrive about 15 minutes earlier than your appointment time in order to do that. We have also made the necessary forms available online for your convenience and you can click here to download them.

The typical eye exam takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour to complete. We try to see every patient at the appointment time, but please understand that thorough eye examinations sometimes take longer than expected and we suggest you arrange your schedule with that in mind.

Our comprehensive examination includes a dilated fundus exam. After the exam your distance vision should be similar to how you arrived at the office but if you feel more comfortable you are more than welcome to bring someone along to drive you home. A typical dilation will affect your near vision for two to three hours.

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